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About Us

We train in the toughest conditions. This means our students are ready for anything.

Located in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Atlantic Commercial Diving Centre is the only certified commercial diving school in Eastern Canada. Our staff have a combined 200+ years of industry experience and our facilities boast the latest in equipment and technology.


We are proud of our high success rate from our carefully crafted programming, combining in-class lectures with hands on experience. We know our  graduates are eager to begin their career upon graduation. We are proud that employers look to us to provide the commercial diving industry with highly trained and dedicated talent. Our students train in the tidal waters of the North Atlantic, preparing them to work anywhere in the world. Our ACDC graduates are in demand, working on everything from deep water drill platforms to bridges, aquaculture environments, ships and more.

Meet Our Team
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Kimball Johnston

ACDC Founder and  Director

Commercial Diving Instructor

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Ian Rodd

Commercial Diving Instructor

Graduated from commercial diving school in 1980 and has been involved in the industry since.

Expertise is Saturation diving. Hazards and Legislation Certifications include: Unrestricted Surface Supply Diver Mix Gas Diver

Founder of ACDC and with over three decades of experience , Kimball is passionate in ensuring his graduates are best in class. He graduated from Commercial Diving in 1987 and welding in 1985. His expertise includes welding/UW welding, marine construction, demolition, salvage, ship repair and maintenance. Kimball's certifications include: USS diver, USS supervisor, KMDSI Technician, Red Seal welder, Diver Medic

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Chris MacPhee

Commercial Diving Instructor


Eldon Murphy

Commercial Diving Instructor

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Hannah Johnston

Director Of


Chris graduated from Commercial diving school in 2005. Started supervising in 2008.  He  worked on a wide variety of projects both inshore and offshore.  Based in Halifax, Chris experienced diving on everything from tankers to tugs performing inspections, cleaning and repairs. Chris worked on several salvage projects including the Costa Concordia


Corey Guignard

Assistant Commercial  Diving Instructor

Corey graduated from welding school in 2016 and became a red seal welder in 2020. He worked as a welder for 5 years before becoming a Commercial Diver. Corey has proved himself as a skilled welder and has shown he is just as skilled welding underwater.

Graduated from commercial diving school in 1973 and has been involved in the industry since. Expertise is marine construction and demolition, salvage, and Ship repair and maintenance. Certifications include: Unrestricted Surface Supply Supervisor KMDSI Technician Red Seal Welder

Hannah graduated from UPEI with a Bachelor of Business degree.

Hannah works behind the scenes to keep staff and student on track. She oversees main office, accounting, marketing helps guide students through the admission process and assists with student loans, government funding and processing tuition payments for students.

General inquiries and all course bookings also go through Hannah.

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