22 Weeks Starting January 2021


Surface Supplied Diver Certification (USSC)

Download complete program information by clicking on the pdf to the right. It includes fees, prerequisites and schedules.

In this program, you will obtain real world experience, diving to a maximum depth of 50 m using equipment, systems, and procedures that are standard in the offshore oil and gas industries. You will log these depths diving an IMCA-Certified offshore diving spread using a wet Bell System during the deep diving portions of the program.

This is intense training, sometimes in adverse conditions. You must have experienced the sensation of being underwater before entering the program, which is why you'll need your open water sports diving certification with 20 Logged dives totaling a minimum of 10 hours bottom time to enter the program.

When you graduate, you'll receive your Divers Certification Board of Canada (DCBC) Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver Certificate, which is recognized by The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), The Association of diving contractors International (ADCI), the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) In the United Kingdom, and the Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme (ADAS).

You will also receive your CPR, First Aid, Oxygen administration, and WHMIS certificates.

December 7-11, 2020


Supervisor's Course

Course: $700 Cdn

Instructor: Kimball Johnston

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This course is an examination of the physical laws required by the unrestricted surface-supplied diver. Topics include units of measure, pressure change, the properties of gases and liquids, and air consumption. Emphasis is placed on calculations involving the application of these physical laws.

Learning Outcomes and Competencies:

1.    Roles of the Supervisor
2.    Leadership Strategies 
3.    Development of Dive Plans
4.    Direction and Control of a Dive Station 
5.    Equipment 
6.    Motivation and Communication 
7.    Legal responsibilities under Provincial/Territorial and Federal diving statutes and regulations
8.    Health and Safety programs 
9.    Site emergencies and accident investigation
10.    Dive accident prevention and management planning






May 17 to July 2, 2021


September 13 to October 29, 2021


Scuba Certification

Download complete program information by clicking on the pdf to the right. It includes fees, prerequisites and schedules.

This course will give the graduate certification to the CSA standards for an Occupational Scuba Diver. The CSA standards are recognized worldwide as a leader in setting the standard for Commercial diving. They are represented internationally by the Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC). This certification allows the diver to conduct commercial diving operations using scuba equipment to work in aquaculture, seafood harvesting, engineering, environmental inspections, archaeological investigation, public safety diving, search and recovery, police operations, small vessel maintenance and underwater film/video production. This certification has a Maximum working depth of 30 metres (100 feet)

What you will learn...

  • Underwater navigation & environmental survey work

  • Underwater search and recovery, hand tools, knot tying

  • Seamanship, vessel docking, ocean environment

  • Full face mask diving, low vis diving, hull inspections, zinc change

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